Monday August 21: Joshua 23:8


Joshua 23:8

But you are to hold fast to the Lord your God, as you have until now.

by: Brian Bethke

One of the skills that I learned as a young Marine was how to do basic mountaineering. One of the things that you must master in basic mountaineering is your fear of heights and rock climbing. Rock climbing is hard! It is definitely physically demanding. When you scale a rock formation the grip that you must maintain on the rock is intense. The goal is to keep your body as close to the rock as possible and to essentially become one with the rock.

Mentally, rock climbing is challenging. First, you must constantly look for a handhold and a foothold to move as you make your ascent or decent. Second, some of these handholds and footholds do not look like they could support an entire human body, when in fact they can. At some points of the rock climbing experience you find that your whole body is being held onto this rock with only one foot and three fingers tightly nudged in a 2-inch rock crevice. Your mind must remain sharp as you make your choices or else you run the risk of losing your grip and succumbing to the force of gravity. The goal is to keep on moving. If you stop that nasty fear of heights is ready to creep in and paralyze you thus halting any progress.

Those in Christ must cling to the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ. There are times when we experience heaviness in our lives. There are times when we are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and doubt the integrity of the Rock. We can’t comprehend how the Rock can possibly support us. Take heart He can and He will! You must cling to the Rock so tightly and so closely that you have no idea where you begin and the Rock stops. Be careful and diligent because as you cling to the Rock the forces of this world are waiting for your grip to loosen. They would love for you to succumb to the gravity of depravity that stains this world. If you have a firm grip, they will be content with your clinging as long as the joy and delight you have in the security of the Rock is replaced with fear, worry, and anxiety, thus halting any progress. We need not worry our Lord, our Rock of Ages is a mighty fortress.

How is your grip? Do you find yourself paralyzed? Do you find yourself on the verge of succumbing to gravity? How much do you trust the integrity of the Rock? Do you find joy, comfort, and delight in clinging to the Rock or do you think of it as work?




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    Peter Tousignant says

    Looking forward to reading more….good stuff@

    • Reply
      Brian says

      Thanks Peter.

  2. Reply
    Karen Kou says

    thanks for the encouraging words, Pastor Brian!

    • Reply
      Brian says

      Thanks Karen! Clinging moment-by-moment…

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    Jack Reeder says

    Thanks Brian. I like the analogy. I’ll keep an eye out for your blog!

  4. Reply
    Clarissa says

    Thanks Brian, such a great analogy! I’ll be passing this along.

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