Tuesday, September 19:  Isaiah 43:2


 Isaiah 43:2

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

by: Brian Bethke

Teaching a child how to swim is quite an event, and in California it is a must. The first hurdle is getting the child used to the water, especially water on their face. My youngest daughter Madison was especially scared of the water. To break her fear I would take her in my arms, enter the water, count to three and we would both descend into the water for a few seconds. Prior to going under the water I could feel Madison start to panic as her little grip around my neck tightened. Panic would sometimes get the best of her and she would begin pleading with me not to go under. As we immersed ourselves in the water, her grip only tightened, but so did mine. When we emerged her grip loosened, but mine never waiver.  After many multiple tries Madison finally got used to the water.

In the course of our lives we enter situations that feel hopeless. Circumstances often feel like deep waters that engulf us in discouragement, depression, busyness, anxiety, worry, and turmoil of all sorts. We pray yet don’t find relief. We read our Bible but don’t find relief. We try all that we can yet the circumstance in our life feels as if we are drowning, so desperately in need of air. Take heart! The one that died for you and emptied himself on the cross to pay for your sins has you in his arms. As you descend into the deep water of life his grip gets tighter and never waivers. He has promised that he will not lose even one of his sheep. What’s the purpose of this circumstance you might be asking? Why am I going through this (whatever ‘this’ is)? Perhaps it is so you will notice his strong, loving embrace through the deep waters of life. Perhaps it is so you will tighten your grip on him. Perhaps it is to prepare you for some greater work. You can plead with him, and please do, but always remember that he is yours and you are his, forever. He wants you to know that!

Do you know that?


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    Tim Peirce says

    Great stuff, Brian. Not only will He never let us go, but He is the only one stronger than the waters we have to go through.

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