Many people have some of their most significance experiences of God on retreats. Abraham, Moses, Elijah, David, Jesus’ disciples and Paul all had dramatic and life-changing encounters with God in wilderness places, times when they were drawn away from their normal day to day life. Jesus himself took 40 days in the wilderness before embarking on his ministry and Christians down the ages have practiced the spiritual discipline of going on retreats in order to draw closer to God.

A retreat is simply a period of time away from normal routines with the express purpose of seeking to draw closer to God. Retreats can be as short as a few hours or last for many days. At Free Christian Church, we offer a number of annual retreats over a weekend or Friday evening to Saturday evening as well as one- off retreats offered by the men’s, women’s and youth ministries. In addition, we can recommend local retreat centers that offer people the opportunity for personal retreats.

Retreats Offered Annually:

Transformation Weekend completed Alpha & in a small group More Info
Life Calling Workshop More Info
Alpha Retreats currently taking Alpha More Info
ReFuel Summer Camp 7-12th graders
Snow Camp 5-12th graders
Men’s Retreats More Info
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Personal Retreats More Info

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