What is The Discovery Course?

Discovery provides an opportunity to meet the pastors and others new to the church and ask questions about God, faith or the church. It also represents the first step in our membership process, but many take Discovery simply to learn more about the church. This year we will offer Discovery twice a year, as single afternoon sessions from 12:15-4:30pm at our Andover campus, including lunch.

Who is Discovery for?

Anyone can come to Discovery, but it is particularly designed for people who are interested in joining the church. Coming to Discovery, does not commit you to joining and you are welcome to come simply to find out more about the church and its mission.

How does Discovery fit into the Membership Process?

Step One: Participate in Discovery

Step Two: Complete a membership application (which you can do during Discovery)

Step Three: Meet with the elders

Step Four: Join the Church by making a public commitment of membership, during a Sunday service

Register Today!


Advance registration is required, so that we know how many to cater lunch for.

Childcare can be provided but it must be requested at least a week in advance, through the online registration or by emailing Roselle at

 Important 2016 Discovery Dates

Sunday, April 2 12:15-4:30pm FCC Andover Lower Hall
Tuesday, April 11 7:00-8:00pm FCC Andover Elder Reception
Sunday, April 23 All Services Both Locations Members Reveived
Sunday, October 29 12:15-4:30pm FCC Andover Lower Hall
Sunday, November 13 All Services Both Locations Members Received
Tuesday, November 15 7:00-8:00pm FCC Andover Elder Reception


For More Information

Roselle Heckendorn
Prayer and Outreach Minister
978.475.9500 ext 104